Pistoia : hidden gem’s treasure in Tuscany 

Pistoia city hall , Comunale palace ,An extraordinary open by FAI www.fondoambiente.it a sort of an Italian Heritage Trust that dedicates a springvweek end For special openings & guided Tours Of hidden places usually closed to public.

Led by volounteers  of Art students from Pistoia’s high School & from The Architecture University of Florence  , dressed with old clothes from Renaissance period , I Could see my birthplace main square from an unusual point Of view: a very small bridge as a Vasarian corridor ‘s minature linking The city hall palace to the Cathedral & visit the room where our Major takes decisions & discuss with people’s rappresentatives.

Such a Long line outside the entrance…maybe love For art is not died yet even among young people?

Furthermore at the same time in The Duomo square , just in front Of The city hall palace, there was a beautiful flea market  that I loved!

Enjoy my picts & visit Pistoia with me 😉😍❤️from a priviligeted view & my compliments to Elena Zinnanni our great guide  belonging to Fai giovani Pistoia Facebook 👏👏👏


London to me : Covent Garden a small Beautiful world 

Please don’t ️️miss ️it ️when in London : everything you can desire is Here !

Fashion shops,beauty shops, food, parfums ,drink, Theatre, cafes , restaurants,market,street artists ,live music, happenings , champagne, chocolate, teashop & …..people of any kind & colour  , children That can run as in a small town’s Church square  without cars 

In The heart of London ️it remains for me an ideal place to stay with friends or for a business rendez-vous  or Just to sit down & watching at The lively movie in front of you : life is Here & you can Feel ️it as an old friend who comes to Welcome you everytime , only for you & for your eyes only & other thousand as you 😍😍😍😍

Enjoy Lonfon life in Covent Garden !(️even The tube station is Beautiful and old , The deepest of The city, in fact you need a lift to go out of it😉) 


An authentic food experience in an Italian Restaurant with a view

Not only ️great tasty food but also a stunning view over Moneglia’s bay…and a real EXPERIENCE of good   Italian food!

Not Just a huge choice of wines from all over Italy but also a friendly staff with Edoardo in The kitchen & Letizia , his wife, following ️our dinner step by step …

La Ruota Restaurant is a perfect place for unforgettable  memories & you can feel The Real  passion 4 food  : no fixed   menu , The chef decides ever ️morning  ️Which it The fresher fish & seasonal vegetable  & invent a receipe for the day!

I visited it many times with  my American and Australian clients who loved it, of course…

Don’t ️miss ️it if you visit Liguria or 5 Terre you Will never forget this experience, also featured in The New York Times last year 😉& before , 30 years ago ️, when Edoardo ‘s father opened it.

Enjoy life , ️my picts &……… food!




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Old Camellias exibition  near Lucca , Tuscany

Camelia & me

Camelia & me

I had The pleasure to visit The 26th edition of Antiche camelie della Lucchesia www.camelielucchesia.it last week end.

Old villas with Beautiful gardens with many different kind of multicolour Camellias , a Camellietum That is an area created to preserve & conserve pre-1900 cultivars, The only tea plantation in Italy : Camellias Sinensis producing a Very Special tea ( That of course I bought 😉) , an Ikebana workshop by Japanese  experts , a tea ceremony in a garden ….all this in a rural setting with a small river called Rio That makes this land so perfect  for this kind of plants .

Let’s enjoy this multicolour experience !

You Have The chance to visit ️it next week end too : March 21 & 22 and March  28 -29 .

 Bags  by Gherardini & Braccialini  ~ made in Italy ~ in Florence , Tuscany  

Winter is going to end & I need sun 🌞🌞 & New spring colours , no more Just black !

Have a ️Look  ️to this Great choice The New Collection with brighter colours to celebrate ️many many years of bags’ production …since 1885 in The Italian fashion  Market offering light & Nice shapes purses for every occasion 👏👏👏👍👍

Congratsssss 🍷🍷🍸🍸🍸made in Italy !!!

Buy  Italian & feel  immediately a Real fashionist 👍👍👍



The fab 4 F :  #Florence – #Ferragamo  – #Food – #Fashion !

Florence at night is shining as a real  gem

This is Spini – Feroni ‘s palace in its magnificence🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 in Santa Trinita Square.

Il Borro tuscan Bistro is on The Arno riverside , same building of Ferragamo’s headquarter  ( Old Beautiful  historical palace Spini -Feroni ) an elegant & typical Tuscan  bistrot can offer you the best wines from The Ferragamo’s family estate located ️in the  countryside near Arezzo : www.ilborro.it 

The great  Chef  – Andrea Campani  –  proposes a  very good  choice of different courses from pasta to meat & excellent  homemade desserts together with an aromatic elisir called : vin santo =  dessert wine.

Overlooking the romantic river Arno and just few steps away from the renowned Ponte Vecchio is an ideal location for a relaxing and  tasty stop.

My personal  suggestion is   :

first  have a ️Look  to the attractive  Ferragamo’s  boutique windows ,

then…… shopping in there ….

don’t miss a visit to  The Shoe museum  www.museoferragamo.it

& then……… eat & sip Ferragamo ‘a cusine & nectar ( WINE and dessert WINE Occhio di Pernice !) & taste its  extra virgin oil …

in this way  your Florentine Italian experience Will be really ………PERFECT !🍷🍝🍴👜👞👠👕👢👗👡👗

Here You can find ️some of ️my picts from ️my  Last week dinner 😉 I ️was invited for a Special event in occasion of Taste ( see ️my previous post about this Interesting food fair in Florence ).




#taste 2015 : Top Quality  food producers in Florence 

Here I am again : Celebrating 10th anniversary  of Taste ,in Florence , Tuscany !

A three day food  & drink fair hosted in The ex  historical train station called  Leopolda (in Honour of his founder grand duke Leopoldo II of Tuscany opened in 1848 ) and now in use  Just for exibitions.

️Many  exibitors this time : 315 artisans from any part of Italy and ️many visitors too !

Talk shows about food & more on The taste ring : a Special place Where to stop & relax & get involved in discussions by experts , gourmet chefs , journalists , writers,opinion leaders.

Love The atmosphere of This exibition and The Fuori di Taste events all around Florence in restaurants & shops as a movable feast around The city .

Enjoy ️my picts now and…

So sorry you couldn’t Taste & smell all The goodies , but be Sure I Did ️it even for you😂😂👍😉www.pittimmagine.com

 Made in Pistoia : Saturday shopping  at the market 


An old picture of the Duomo square with the market’s stalls in Pistoia


Twice a week  , on  Wed & Sat ️morning , in the Duomo  square of Pistoia – since The Middle Age ! -

the market takes place : same location ,different kind Of goods .

In The past centuries Just food stalls & animals nowadays clothes , shoes, flowers , plants & household goods.

In The nearby ‘La Sala ‘ square a vegetable & fruit market  shows everyday  a spectacular offer of coloured seasonal  Tuscan  & Italian products .

Another more reason to visit Pistoia in a sunny ️morning  if you are travelling in Tuscany!





















Forte dei Marmi ~ Tuscany~ fab & glam Shopping at The market

Pistoia is located in a stateglical place : about 50 km. From The coast on The beach & about 70 from The mountains Where We can sky.

 I ️️was at this market  last Wednsday to Have a ️Look to The market located in The biggest square of The small village on The Tuscan cost.

In summer time is always crowded but in law season as now… Much better! Here you can find lots of nice home accessories for summer houses + clothes & shoes at a very Good price .

Don’t ️miss it if you Travel on The coast !